We at SKDML have a strong commitment to quality. The company dedicates its utmost effort and time to ensure the proper functioning of the control process, so as to consistently provide high quality products and services. The task of safeguarding the quality is the responsibility of our team of technical quality controllers. Our goal is to achieve an end product that has zero defects. The team works hard to check the different stages of the production process and will act immediately if any irregularities are found.

At each stage of the manufacturing process samples are continually drawn for testing and checking quality verses a set of pre- set parameters to ensure consistency. Furthermore, for the assurance of consistency on line production systems are applied. As a result, we always win respect from our customers.

Shipping and documentation
Our commercial department is fully conversant with shipping, trade finance and documentation procedures. The team follows up as per customerís requirement which ensures dispatching documents on time and enables smooth flow of export and import formalities. We work very closely with our shipping and forwarding agents which helps us make the right decisions and on time.